Standing Seam Roof (Non Penetrative Structure)

SolidRail System on round seam profile

Mounting systems


Enersys mounting systems for standing seam roofs are suitable for standing seams, round seams, Kliplock types. This system is non-penetrative and fixed with seam clamps. Clamps are available for different types of seams and manufacturers such as Kalzip ,Rib-Roof and Kliplock types. Solid Rails mounting rails are used in this situation also. The Clamp Rail system offers an exception. This is also the seam clamp and module mounting rail, and can be used for standing seam roofs. Systems Clamp type Full Rail with Clamps.

  • Material
    • Aluminium- EN AW 6063-T6 (EN-AW-AlMg0,7Si)
    • Stainless Steel -X5CrNi18-10 1.4301, ASTM 304
    • Steel -Zinc-nickel P3E (Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0)
  • Design code
    • IS 875 Code of Practice for Design Loads (Other Than Earthquake) For Buildings And Structure Part 3.
    • IS 733 Specification for Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy Bars, Rods and Sections.
    • IS 1868 Anodic Coatings on aluminum and its Alloys.


Standing Seam Clamp Brochure
Series 1
Kalzip Seam Clamp Brochure
Series 1
Kliplock 406 Clamp Brochure
Series 1
Series 1
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