Trapezoidal Sheet Roof

MiniRail auf Trapezblechdach

Mounting systems


Enersys mounting systems for trapezoidal sheet roofs without fixing the substructure are fixed with self-tapping screws or rivets. The minirail /partial rail system is the classic choice, which is suitable for nearly all situations. In some cases, the MiniRail and Fullrail systems may be suitable.

  • Systems
    • SpeedRail
    • MiniRail
    • FullRail
  • Material
    • Aluminium- EN AW 6063-T6 (EN-AW-AlMg0,7Si)
    • Stainless Steel -X5CrNi18-10 1.4301, ASTM 304
    • Steel -Zinc-nickel P3E (Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0)
  • Design code
    • IS 875 Code of Practice for Design Loads (Other Than Earthquake) For Buildings And Structure Part 3.
    • IS 733 Specification for Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy Bars, Rods and Sections.
    • IS 1868 Anodic Coatings on aluminum and its Alloys.


MiniRail 40H Brochure
Series 1
MiniRail 70H Brochure
Series 1
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1 Rs / Watt